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Thread: Current fix for LAGGY Server browser.

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    Lightbulb Current fix for LAGGY Server browser.

    Hey guys.

    So, might want to make this sticky.

    So here`s what you do, navigate to this folder C:/D: (Whatever) - Documents - My Games - Nether - NetherGame

    Locate this File - NetherEngine

    Open the file, go EDIT / FIND and type this -

    `ServerBrowserTimeout` - The Value will be set to 10, replace it with this - 0.2
    Save and close the document, my browser now loads in less then a second, it DID work for a few others, post ur results here.

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    After trying this, mine takes around half of the time it took before to load the servers.
    This also fixes the game crashing when leaving a server and returning to the server list!
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    Great, well, atleast it`s some progress

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    Guys this has already been posted in both in the official nether bug forums.

    And on the Nether Steam Troubleshooting forums.

    I would suggest posting your findings on the Nether Official Bug forums link I provided above so the devs can see results of the testing that has already been taken place earlier today.
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    Grimbone, you're essentially saying, "I beat you to it."

    Anyway, the post here can help lots more people see the fix, for example, clearly me and the poster didn't see your post.
    Think of it as 'spreading the fix to help the community' as silly as that must sound, who'd do such a thing?

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    It helped!! My problem now is to remove the 1 FPS i'm getting in server list...
    Know any solution?

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    It is not an official fix and I do not want anyone to screw with files who does not know what they are doing. It is still being tested. The proper forum to post the results is the bug forum. And it is also not, as you say, a "I beat you to it." There is a reason i posted it in the bug forum and not here and it was at the request of a mod I was in PM talks with.

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    The real solution would be for the developers to make the server list updating asynchronous. This is a case of TERRIBLE design/code implementation.. Makes me really doubt the developers abilities :/

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    Glad it helped guys, I myself am enjoying the server list running quite smoothly now.
    Biggest issue is my Amazon cd key, HOOORAY for Unsecured servers

    Hopefully Support will reply to my ticket soon. *waits 2 years*

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    My server menu is loading fast now but 1 fps is what bothers me...

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