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Thread: Creature Feature TOP TEN Winners!

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    Creature Feature TOP TEN Winners!

    A huge congratulations to the creators of the Top 10 videos (all listed below)! The top 5 will choose between $500 or 500 Nether gold. Places 6-10 will receive 500 Nether Gold. We will also be sending out a 15 Nether Gold participation prize to thank everyone who took a chance on the first video contest!

    *WINNERS/CONTEST PARTICIPANTS*Please look out for a private message from myself on Monday if you participated in the contest/won or feel free to private message me your display name attached to the account you game on and an email.

    Winners were chosen by myself, Nether's General Manager, and Lead Developers - Thank you everyone that participated, we really enjoyed watching all of the videos!


    TOP 5
    1. by TimSkijwalker

    **Unfortunately the forum permissions would not allow more than one video to have the full video player on this page. Sorry about that, I'll have it looked into ***

    2. by Kerx

    3. by Rodgers

    4. by SharkGuy

    5. by Swiiitan

    6. by OminousWind

    7. by Frolige

    8. by That1337Noob

    9. by Dwayne Benzy

    10. by Smoshi

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    Good work to everyone that participated and congratulations to the Top 10 winners.
    Very nice work!

    *Fixed video link*

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