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Thread: Tribes & Friends Contest!

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    Tribes & Friends Contest!

    Tribes & Friends Contest!

    Win $500 or 500 Nether Gold by creating a video of your best time in Nether playing with other players! This video contest is about teamwork, group play, tribal strategy, or so much more! We want to see how you interact in groups on Nether. We canít wait to see your creative vision or just fun gameplay footage! You can find the contest rules and prize information below.

    -Grab a buggy and ride around picking up other players. Will you lead them to their death or become a team?
    -A tutorial on your best team strategy to survive in Nether.
    -A look at tribe life!
    -Anything and everything that involves group play! The possibilities are endless!

    Contest Rules
    Video length must be under 3 minutes
    The video must focus on an aspect of group/team play (at least 2 people).
    Upload your videos to YouTube
    (You are responsible for following YouTube's copyright guidelines and TOS or you risk your video being taken down)
    Do not use someone else's video footage without their permission.
    Only submit FINAL videos to this page
    -You can ask for feedback in our video section:!
    Contest End Date: April 14th - 10 AM CDT

    Please feel free to leave any questions about the contest in this thread! We will answer them as soon as possible.

    Top 1st to 5th Place Winners:
    $500 or they can substitute for 500 Nether Gold

    6th to 10th Place Winners:
    500 Nether Gold

    Our Community Manager, General Manager, and Lead Dev will be choosing the top 10 winners.

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    One question: how many people must be in the video?

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    oeeh, this is going to be a challenge. =D

    let's start making some ideas...
    (I hate saying this but my usual game friends have left me these last few days and i am sort of forever alone so if anyone has a cool group =D please let me know)

    forever alone (until i find a group )

    is a trailer like video alright? I don't have anything solid yet but i've been listening to some tracks i would love to use.
    (i know, another trailer.. but those are mainly my specialty... i will try my best to be original to the best of my capabilities)

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDavinator View Post
    One question: how many people must be in the video?
    A number would definitely be appreciated.
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    I'm going to actually up my game this contest; playing with a group is what I do best. Maybe I'll stand a chance at top 5 this time around if I spend a couple of weeks editing xD

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    A number would definitely be appreciated.
    Indeed. I look forward to making the video!

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    Can't wait! Sky's was insanely good hopefully it encouraged others to be better! I know it did for me. I can't wait to make something that rivals his quality! It was the best fan made trailer I've seen.

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    Who are these friends you speak off? Its Nether everyone if Hostile lol
    3 Guidelines I do in Nether

    1. Don't drink the Nether poison it's bad for you.
    2. Don't trust anyone, they are all Hostile even your friends
    3. Don't think that if you jump off a building that your wings will come out that shit never works.
    4. Don't think that there are Nether in the subways just because you here a sound.
    5. Don't run out right when the loot drop hits the ground.
    6. Keep your melee out when your just looting and walking ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDavinator View Post
    One question: how many people must be in the video?
    At least 2.

    *I've also clarified this on the main post

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